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A life changing event Monday for a Fairhope couple; Johnny and Crystal Stewart received the keys to their new home.

The couple lived on property in a house that was in such bad shape it had to be demolished.

But thanks to Panini Pete and the PR Foundation, this couple Pete calls an inspiration, once again has their own roof over their heads.

As they looked around, both have to fight back tears of joy; thankful to have a livable place they can call their own.

Johnny and Crystal lived in a property on Morphy road in Fairhope for years.

In fact, it was the home Johnny’s grandmother owned and he grew up in, but the house was in such bad condition it had to be demolished.

Johnny and Crystal are a special needs couple, who knew they wanted to be together before most people even know their letters and numbers.

Johnny works for Pete Blhome, better known as Panini Pete; he calls him his inspiration.

Pete knew he wasn’t going to let johnny wind up on the street. So, he stepped in with his foundation, the PR foundation, to help Johnny and Crystal keep their independence…together.

It took five years, but thanks to some hard-working contractors who were willing to donate their time and resources, the house is now complete.

It’s Amazing for Johnny and Crystal that so many people, they say, cared enough for them to make sure they had a solid roof over their head and that they’re living their dream life.

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